When Heaven Invades Earth

Please take the time to read this review of Bill Johnson's book, When Heaven Invades Earth. It's a serious matter to use the term 'heretic', but sometimes it is necessary.  When Heaven Invades Earth


Implications of Direct Revelation

There was a time when men received direct revelation from God; men such as Moses and the prophets of the Old Testament.  God tasked these men with writing down the things He wanted people to know. Others, such as Adam, Abraham and the many witnesses at the baptism of Jesus received direct revelation from God, … Continue reading Implications of Direct Revelation

Holding the Rope: Short-Term Missions, Long-Term Impact

Clint Archer -  In many cases Short Term Missions (STM) has become another item on a bucket list, or the unnamed requirement to becoming an “elite Christian”.  Often, it is treated as a mini-vacation, or an excuse to travel to exotic places. Whatever the excuse, it seems that everyone wants to, or is compelled to … Continue reading Holding the Rope: Short-Term Missions, Long-Term Impact