What in the world is an island brow?

Everyone is familiar with an island.  It is the lone piece of dry land surrounded by water.  Similarly, Christianity as an island.  It is the lone refuge, the one true religion, the one place of safety in a world of self-help philosophy and false religions.  All around us, people are telling us how we can “pull ourselves up by our bootstraps” or perform certain ways to get to their gods.  However, Christianity alone is the one religion that tells how God came to man.

A brow is defined as, “the edge of a steep place.”  From a brow, one can have a clear, unobstructed view.  At the Island Brow this view is based on biblical presuppositions that form our worldview.  There is no ‘in-between’.  There is the high view of Christianity or the Hell bound view of the world.  Here, we recognize that without Jesus Christ’s saving grace, we would be without hope in a dying world.

Besides all that, Island Brow is an anagram of my name!