In his book, 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You, Tony Reinke gives 10 diagnostic questions to ask yourself about your smartphone:

  1.   Do my smartphone habits expose an underlying addiction to untimely amusements?
  2.   Do my smartphone habits reveal a compulsive desire to be seen and affirmed?
  3.   Do my smartphone habits distract me from genuine communion with God?
  4.   Do my smartphone habits provide an easy escape from sobered thinking about my death, the return of Christ, and eternal realities?
  5.   Do my smartphone habits preoccupy me with the pursuit of worldly success?
  6.   Do my smartphone habits mute the sporadic leading of God’s Spirit in my life?
  7.   Do my smartphone habits preoccupy me with dating and romance?
  8.   Do my smartphone habits build up Christian and my local church?
  9.   Do my smartphone habits center on what is necessary to me and beneficial to others?
  10.  Do my smartphone  habits disengage me from the needs of the neighbors God has placed right in front of me?

He goes on to say, “Our smartphones amplify the most unnecessary distractions as they deaden us to the most significant and important ‘distractions,’ the true needs of our families and neighbors.  My phone conditions me to be a passive observer. My phone can connect me to many friends, but it can also decouple me from an expectation for real-life engagement.”

More on this book later, but if you want get a copy for yourself, you can find it in the Island Brow Bookstore


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