by Jay Adams

The church has been inundated with counseling methods and theories for the past 100 years.  Thanks to men like Freud, Jung, Skinner, Rogers, Adler and countless others the insurgence of psychology has left its mark on the church.  In fact, much of Christian counseling today is little more than psychological theories dressed in Christian garb.

To add to the confusion, many well meaning, respected “Christian Psychologists” have adopted many of the world’s philosophies for counseling. Psychology has usurped the role of real counseling.  It is perhaps the greatest misnomer among misnomers, for the word means “study of the soul”.  But to truly understand the soul, we must look to the Authority on the soul, which is the Creator of the soul, who has given us His Word concerning the soul.  Only the Bible has the real answers for what ails mankind.

That is the reason this book is so needed and so helpful.  Jay Adams gives a “simplest form” definition of theology as “nothing more or less than the systematic understanding of what the Scriptures teach about various subjects…and the attempt to bring to bear upon any given doctrine (or teaching) all that the Bible has to say about it.”(p.11)

Adams argues that it is not enough for the counselor to have a Sunday School (or even a Bible School) level knowledge of Scripture.  Rather, they must have a full-orbed theological view of the Scriptures, systematically understood. (p.13). This is necessary to avoid misleading counselees and to correct errors of thought and practice.  It is also necessary in order to communicate truth authoritatively (p.13)

Some of the chapter titles include ‘Counseling and Special Revelation’, ‘Counseling and Human Life’, ‘Counseling and Human Sin’, ‘Counseling and Habit’, ‘How Sin Affects Thinking’ and ‘More Than Redemption’, just to name a few.  Each one is approached from a thoroughly biblical standpoint, as Adams develops a full theology of true Biblical Counseling.

Each of us is called to counsel one another.  We should be equipped with the Word of God and have the knowledge and wisdom to apply biblical answers to our lives and other’s lives.  In A Theology of Christian Counseling: More Than Redemption, Adams attempts (and succeeds) in providing a great starting point.


Read ‘em & Reap!


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