Steven Lawson believes that, in general, it is not.  He asserts that the Churches greatest problem today is a wrong view of God.  Lawson says, “tell me what comes into your mind when you think about God, and I can tell you everything else about your life”.  That’s a pretty bold statement, but he believes that everything about you flows out of your understanding of who God is.  It’s that important.

He introduces us to several man-made images of God.  These versions of the “user-friendly god” include the “Celestial Santa Claus”; the god who exists to provide for our whims and wishes with nothing expected in return; The Divine Co-Pilot – think bumper sticker.  This false god is there to take the controls IF we can’t handle a situation. Another false god is the Heavenly Repairman.  This “jack-of-all-trades” is there ready to fix whatever is broken.  There are others mentioned that will be readily recognizable when you read about them.

By contrast, the true God of scripture DOES provide for His children.  He IS in control of every situation and He CAN fix whatever is broken.  But He is so much more than that. Lawson examines many of the most common attributes of our Magnificent God – a God that is beyond comprehension.

His primary objective in this book is to introduce (or  possibly, re-introduce) us to the true God of the Bible.  If you are guilty of viewing God as less than He really is, like we all do at times, then this book is for you.  It will help you root out the false views and realign our ‘active view’ and ‘verbal view’ of God more accurately.

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Additional Recommended Resources

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