premillenialismMichael Vlach

Generally, when people discuss the Millennium, they turn to Revelation 20.  It is the primary text for asserting, and defending a 1000 year literal reign of Christ on earth.  However, there are some who do not believe in Premillennialism that think it is the ONLY defense of this key doctrine.

Fortunately, Dr. Vlach has written a short presentation of Premillennialism.  In it, he doesn’t really try to defend it against the Amillennial and Postmillennial positions as he simply presents the case from the Biblical text.  However, in so doing, he does indeed defend it against those other positions.

Going back to Genesis, Vlach lays the foundation for Premillennialism, namely the Kingdom Mandate of Genesis 1:26-28. He argues that man was given a mandate to rule over the earth from the earth for the Glory of God.  Man failed at this task.  So, to fulfill this mandate, a man, Jesus Christ, must rule over the earth from the earth.  He continues throughout the Old Testament, systematically laying out the verses which predict a coming earthly kingdom under the presence of the Messiah: Such verses as Isaiah 2, Isaiah 9, Isaiah 11, Isaiah 25 and 65, Psalm 72, and others.  Then in the New Testament, he shows how verses in Matthew, Luke and Acts also predict a future earthly kingdom.

Chapters 6 – 9 alone are worth the price of the book.  Chapter 6 reveals the literary structure of Revelation 19-20, and how it can only point to a Millennial Kingdom on earth.  He shows what Revelation teaches about the binding of Satan, and the two resurrections.  Chapter 7 is a list of 4 reasons why Premillennialism must be true, along with a simple, yet detailed explanation.  Chapter 8 discusses the goodness of God’s creation. Premillennialism argues against the popular notion of Dualism, and that God’s creation will be redeemed (Romans 8:20-23). Chapter 9 is an exposition of 1 Corinthians 15 and reveals what Paul teaches about the Millennial Kingdom.

Sadly, many people hold to “Panmillennialism” which says that it will all pan out in the end.  However, the implications are profound.  What you believe about the rapture, the Great Tribulation, the Second Coming of Christ, the Millennial kingdom and how all of that unfolds impacts what you believe about the sufficiency of Christ, the plan of God in the world, the church, and a long list of other important doctrines.  It determines how you approach Bible Study (Hermeneutics).

If you haven’t sorted through the millennial maze, or think it isn’t important, this book will help.  It is easy to read and packed with relevant scripture verses to show the veracity of the coming earthly kingdom of Jesus.  Dr Vlach’s book is a refreshing presentation of the doctrine of Premillennialism.  I highly recommend it!

You can buy it here!

Read ’em & Reap!

Additional recommended resources:
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614250: He Will Reign Forever; A Biblical Theology of the Kingdom of God952252: Amillennialism and the Age to Come: A Premillennial Critique


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