Andrew Wilson

There are many ideas about who wrote the Bible, how the Bible came into being, and why (or if) it is relevant today.  To address each one in depth would take a significant volume of literature, and indeed, has taken as much.  Add to that the various attributes of Scripture, and the amount of literature would multiply exponentially.

Fortunately, Andrew Wilson has written a short (80 pages) primer about the Word of God.   In Unbreakable: What the Son of God Said About the Word of God, he crams a large about of information into several 2-3 page chapters. Each chapter address a different aspect of God’s Word, such as the Authority of Scripture, the Sufficiency of Scripture, the Inspiration of Scripture, the Coherence of Scripture and the Fulfillment of Scripture, to name a few.

Wilson’s writing style is a joy to read, and very easy. He is direct, creative, clever, clear and often amusing.  His illustrations easily correlate to the point he intends to make.

This book is unique in that Wilson doesn’t start where most books about the Bible start.  Rather than starting with the questions and problems people have with the Bible, he starts with what Jesus had to say about the Bible.  “Ultimately, our trust in the Bible stems from our trust in Jesus” (p. 9).  It’s not the other way around. Wilson explains, “I don’t trust Jesus because I trust the Bible; I trust the Bible because I trust Jesus.  If He talks and acts like the Bible is trustworthy, authoritative, good, helpful and powerful, I will too.” (p.10).

Who should read this book? It would be profitable to anyone who struggles to understand the attributes of the Bible. It would work well as an introduction to the Scriptures for new believers or a quick refresher for older ones. In short, everyone who reads this book will profit in some way. I highly recommend it!


Read ’em & Reap!

This book is available at the Island Brow Bookstore.


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