“Does psychology have any valid role in Christian counseling?  That question has been hotly disputed among evangelicals for several years, and the debate has heated to a fever pitch in the past few years.  Richard Ganz has seen both sides of the issue, having once practiced psychotherapy in an institutional setting and now working as an advocate of Biblical Counseling.

Rationally, Biblically, Ganz shows what psychology (“the study of the soul”) ought to be and explains why modern psychological theory is so often deficient and ineffectual.   He offers proof that Biblical counseling is superior to all secular models and gives a clear convincing appeal for all believers to learn how to counsel from Scripture.

I appreciate the careful, reasonable tone with which Ganz writes.  Avoiding hyperbole and emotion-laden rhetoric, he nevertheless makes his case definitively, persuasively, and in my judgment conclusively.  Cutting through the jargon, he makes the issues clear enough that the average layperson can easily grasp them.  From the first page through the end I was engrossed, unable to put the book aside, nodding with assent on virtually every page.  Nowhere else have I seen a resource this rich or a study this helpful in sorting out and answering the Biblical questions regarding counseling and modern psychotherapy.

We who know the Lord, who have His Word, and who are indwelt by His Spirit are entrusted with too many heavenly resources to be mucking about with the utterly bankrupt wisdom that is the best this world has to offer.  We err seriously if we ignore the Scriptures or the power of God (cf. Matt. 22:29).  We sin grievously if we neglect divine truth in favor of the foolish wisdom of this world (cf. 1 Cor.1:20; 3:19). The fact that such matters would be debated among Bible-believing Christians is proof of how subtle the enemy can be.

“Richard Ganz is addressing what I am convinced is one of the most significant crises facing the church in our age.  The role of psychology in Christian counseling will undoubtedly be one of the watershed issues of this decade.  Here is a book that I pray will help divert the mainstream of evangelical believers in the right direction.”  -From the Forward by John MacArthur


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