There is a lot of interest in, and activity associated with the spiritual realm today.  As our culture has become increasingly pagan with New Age philosophies, the Occult, spiritism and demons, deliverance ministries have flourished.  Worse, increasingly within the Christian community, we hear of people casting demons out of believers, bizarre experiences elevated to the level of Truth and even outlandish methods of circumventing the devil!  But how do these practices stand up against God’s Word?

David Powlinson has answered that question for us.  He presents a clear and biblical view of Spiritual Warfare.  Through a thorough examination of the biblical data on the subject, he concludes that what is practiced under the guise of deliverance in today’s ministries is foreign to the biblical record.  The mode of ministry so prevalent in these deliverance ministries is called “ekballistic” (casting out).  Jesus used this type of ministry ONLY when a demon was causing physical harm to the person whom it was indwelling.  Situations in which suffering, torment, sickness or physical pain was present called for an ekballistic mode of ministry (EMM).

On the other hand, Jesus used what Powlinson describes as the classic mode of ministry when dealing with moral evils, such as laziness, anger, lust or workaholism.  Jesus’ remedy for these issues was repentance, trust in God and obedience to his Word.

If you think this “ekballistic” mode of ministry is not prevalent in mainline evangelical churches, take another look at the books by Stormie O’Martian, Neil T. Anderson and others.  Many authors have effectively released believers from taking responsibility for the condition of their heart by promoting these empty philosophies.  In Power Encounters, David Powlinson calls us back to reality.

Read ’em & Reap!


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