The fact that there is pain and suffering in this world is without question.  Many people wake up each morning to face another day of heartache, pain and hopelessness.  Some people wake up to a normal day that ends in tragedy.  No doubt, most people have had to deal with suffering, whether their own or that of someone close to them.  There are myriad ways that the world pursues in “coping” with this problem, but as Christians know, there is only one way of living through it.  Jesus Christ is our hope and comfort.

One way that we are drawn closer to Christ during times of heartache, pain and suffering is by reading how other believers have handled similar crisis.  In Walking Through Shadows: Finding Hope in a World of Pain, Dr. Carl Wieland and Dr. Ken Ham have provided a needed resource born out of their own personal experiences.

This is actually two books in one.  The first section is Dr. Wieland’s tragic auto crash that doctors say he should not have lived beyond.  Literally being disfigured with broken bones and almost unrecognizable, he miraculously survived the long ordeal of recovery to take up the leadership role at the Australian branch of Answers in Genesis.  The detailed account of his wreck and recovery is a very moving, and comforting story.

The last half of the book is the account of Dr. Ham’s brother, Robert who contracted a fatal brain degenerative disease.  He slowly began to lose some of the faculties of thought, then ability to organize words, then talents that he had learned until it eventually took his life in 2002.  Robert had been a very dynamic and gifted preacher and an accomplished piano player.  There is no human explanation for the suffering which he endured, along with his family who could only watch.

Both authors include the many lessons they learned from each of these episodes; lessons that all believers will relish and be able to apply to their own specific situations; lessons that magnify and glorify our Mighty God, Wonderful Counselor and Prince of Peace in times of pain and suffering.


Read ’em & Reap!


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