The Useful Lie: How the Recovery Industry Has Entrapped America in a Disease Model of AddictionWilliam Playfair, M.D.

The popular idea of Recovery is a sweeping phenomenon.  Millions of people are enrolled in a recovery program, even though this model contradicts science, medicine and the Bible.  On top of that it doesn’t work!  Most people think that Alcoholism is a disease, but there is no scientific evidence to support that claim.  Yet, the Recovery programs are based on it.  We have become too politically correct to call sin what it really is: Sin. Instead, we opt for the disease model.  How insensitive! How hopeless!  If we would call it sin, we could offer people the hope of a Redeemer!  As it is, all we can offer is a label: Recovering (whatever).  After a long litany of the sins of the Corinthians, the Apostle Paul said, “…such WERE some of you, but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God. (1 Cor. 6:11).  There is magnificent Hope in that verse for the addict!

To this subject, Dr. Playfair offers this very insightful book: The Useful Lie: How the Recovery Industry Has Entrapped America in a Disease Model of Addiction.  Starting with a few cases studies, he sets up scenarios to work with.  The first section is a stinging critique of the Recovery industry with chapters on Sin vs. Sickness and Science vs. Sickness, as well as its failure and reasons for failure.

Part II deals the Christianization of the Recovery industry including the myth of the Christian origins of “AA”, what the Twelve Step program is really all about and then, the Co-dependant copout of blame-shifting.

Finally, part III gives a biblical road to restoration for the addict, which involves biblical intervention (confronting sin) and Maturation vs. Maintenance (Spiritual growth).  In the last chapter he gives a great explanation of how to reach unsaved addicts.

Playfair concludes by revisiting the case studies from the beginning with a new paradigm for change.  Pastor, Counselor and layperson, do you realize the Bible has the answers for the addicts around you? They don’t need a psychologized pep rally, or a Christianized version of phychotherapy; they need a Redeemer.  Only the Holy Scriptures can give them that!  Seem simple-minded?

For more information about this book, see the product description here.

Read ’em & Reap!


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