Thabiti Anyabwile

There are many books available about how to pastor a church, the importance of church membership, how Christians should live in the world, etc… Few books have been written about what makes a healthy church member.  This is one of them.

There are many things that make someone a healthy church member, and the health and vitality of the church depends on these things being present.  In this little book, Anyabwile outlines ten of them.  Each short, easy to read chapter focuses on one aspect of a healthy church member.

Almost anyone can join a church, but it takes serious self-examination to determine whether one is a healthy member or if he or she is simply a member. Ask yourself:  Are you genuinely converted? That is, have you, with certainty, repented and trusted Christ?  Are you a growing disciple? Is their visible fruit in your life as a result of your commitment to Christ?  Are you a prayer warrior? Are you a Biblical Theologian? That is, do you study to understand the history of revelation, the grand themes and doctrines of the Bible and how they fit together?  Are you gospel saturated? Is the gospel central in your communication with others? Are you sure you know what the gospel is? These are a few of the questions with which the reader will be confronted.

Everyone desires to see their church grow, but true growth is not in numbers. True growth is spiritual. True growth begins with each individual examining themselves to ensure they are indeed loving God and loving others.

Are you a healthy church member?  Get the book and allow it to drive you to God’s Word to truly understand what it takes to be considered a healthy member of your church.

Read ’em & Reap!


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