Jobe Martin – 

The theory of Evolution is caving in on itself.  The lack of evidence, the falsified documentation, the fabricated reconstruction of supposed fossils, etc…is starting to catch up with the promoters of this unscientific theory.   In addition, with some recent events, formations and processes which were once thought to take place over millions and billions of years is being witnessed in an extremely short period of time (Mt. St. Helens & Spirit Lake).

Even with this stack of evidence against evolution, many Christians are still committed to trying to make this pseudo-science mesh with the Bible.  Jobe Martin was one of them.  As a committed theistic evolutionist, he was challenged by a couple of students to study the assumptions of evolution.  After several years of researching the evidence, he finally had to conclude that the only credible method of creation is stated in Genesis 1 and 2 and was completed in six 24 hour days.

This book is his testimony.  Each chapter deals with different aspects of the inherent conflicts between evolution and Christianity.  A few of those aspects include the 6 day creation week, the DNA record, age of the earth, monkeys to man and the missing links.  It is well documented, but not only from Creation Scientists.  Dr. Martin draws from resources of committed evolutionists who are honest enough in their writings to admit that the lack of evidence is a serious flaw in the system.  The tragedy of that honesty is that even though the evidence speaks volumes to the reality of an Intelligent Designer, these committed evolutionists refuse to accept that premise.  Dr. Martin is convinced the only reason is that it would force them to submit to the Creator, which their sinful pride will not allow.

Another fun feature of the book includes a short sketch at the end of each chapter of various creatures that are incompatible with evolution.  The structure of these fabulous animals unarguably refutes the theory that parts evolved.  In reality, none of these animals would exist if ALL the parts were not fully formed and functioning in the very FIRST one.

The Evolution Of A Creationist includes some complex scientific ideas (DNA structures, methods of carbon dating, components of elements, etc…), but is written on a level that most anyone can understand and enjoy.

Read ’em & Reap!


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