It may seem odd that someone who claims to be a Christian is recommending the Generous Qur’an.  After all, I don’t recommend the Book of Mormon or the Watchtower Society Bible or any other so-called holy book.  In fact, I believe that if one is familiar with the Truth of God’s Word, the ability to recognize false teaching will greatly increase.  Discernment will increase and that overrules the need to read and study the teachings of false teachers.

However, there is a darkness in the world today, a deception that is unparalleled in world history that is known as Islam.  This deception is perpetuated in homes every evening via world (and local) news outlets. Its perpetuated through our school textbooks (see Lies in the Textbooks), social media and every other source of information.  The ideology of Islam has infiltrated our government, our hospitals, our schools, and even our churches!

This is the reason I’m recommending the Qur’an, but not just any Qur’an; The Generous Qur’an.  This is the ONLY accurate English translation available.  All other ones are not translations of the Arabic Qur’an, but rather interpretations.  What that means is the versions available to the West in English only say what Muslims want you to know.  They are interpreted to downplay the truth of Islam, namely that it is a violent ideology that is incompatible with EVERY other government, religion, or lifestyle.

The Generous Qur’an was translated by Usama Dakdok, a Christian who grew up under Islamic rule, directly from the original language.  In it you will find study notes for the reader, errors and contradictions highlighted, comparison with Biblical accounts, a table of Bible prophecies about Jesus, and more.  There is a chart to indicate where each  portion of the revelations were cited, either Mecca or Medina. This is significant because it reveals which verses came earlier when there is conflicting content, so the reader can know what has been abrogated . Also included is comments in bold type to introduce and explain portions of the text. Finally, and most importantly is a gospel presentation entitled, ‘What will you do with Jesus?’  Muslims need to know Jesus, and Christians need to know how to introduce them to Him on this side of eternity, before they meet Him on the other side!

This is a Qur’an that was written with Christians in mind.  Not only will it help defend the Bible and Jesus against the perversions of Islam, but it will help equip the saints in evangelizing muslims.  But, it was also written with the muslim in mind, because there is an overwhelming number of them who cannot read the Qur’an in Arabic and only have the English interpretations to learn from.  Just as most (I dare say, ALL) westerners are ignorant of Islam, so many muslims in the west are unaware of the truth about their own religion.

Jesus commands us, “Go, and make disciples of all nations except the muslim ones…” No, that’s not what He said. “Go, and make disciples of ALL the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you…” (Matthew 28:19-20)

Get your copy of the Generous Qur’an at The Straightway of Grace website and help support Usama Dakdok as he takes the gospel to a dark, deceived people

Read ’em & Reap!


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  1. Hi there! I just came across this post of yours and your blog in general and I couldn’t help but comment and tell you how much I love this! Keep up the great work, I am going to follow you so I can keep up with all your new posts!


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