Jay Adams – 

When your co-worker comes into work and begins telling you about a lady he met, but doesn’t want his wife to find out; how do you handle that?  If your neighbor who professes to be a Christian brags about how much money he didn’t report on his taxes, do you know how to use the Word of God to confront his sin?

There are many books on the market that give us information about how to understand the Bible in normal, relaxed study situations, but not many that give practical, applicable ways of using the Bible in everyday situations that arise at the spur of the moment.  How often, on the way home from work, or visiting, do you finally think of the verse that would have been the most useful in the situation you left 20 minutes ago?  In What to Do on Thursday: A Layman’s Guide to the Practical Use of the Scriptures, Jay Adams provides a method to help remedy this oft experienced predicament.  It is a guide to the practical use of the Scriptures in everyday life; whether your own, or those around you.

The book is divided into four sections.  The first one is a short explanation of the practicality of the Bible.  Far from being an out dated, antiquated memoir of the history of the Jewish people and the church, it is the very fountain of life for humanity.  Second, there is a section on how to get to know your Bible.  Dr. Adams gives us a great system for becoming familiar with the books of the Bible and the basic content of each book.  He also gives us a plan for cataloging various scriptures into categories for easy retrieval: very helpful!

The third section of the book takes a look at Biblical interpretation.  This is a critical (if not the MOST critical) part of using the Scriptures.  We must have an accurate interpretation before application will be of any value.  This is also the area in which most Christians give up on trying to use the Scriptures for their practical, everyday lives – its hard work; it takes time and effort!

Finally, the fourth section is about implementation. Now that we have a system for retrieving pertinent passages, an understanding of the importance and method for proper interpretation, we can apply the Word of God to various situations that arise on Thursdays (or Fridays through Wednesday, too).  Don’t think that this is a simple, “get-equipped-quick” process.  It takes much effort and regular study of the Word and prayer.  But this book will help you get organized and on your way to being able to apply the Scriptures practically.


Read ’em & Reap!


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