Do you want a ministry?  Often times, when someone says they want a ministry, they mean ‘start a new program’ or ‘implement a new strategy’ or in some cases, ‘start a new church’.  Recently, a pastor friend of mine mentioned how many emails he receives from people who want to move to his area (which is already saturated with churches) to plant a new church.  Wisely, his answer is usually, “Don’t. Rather, get involved and help minister in one that is already here.”

If you are part of church, there is no shortage of opportunities to exercise your spiritual gift.  Your church needs you to do just that.  Don’t know where to start? In his book about church membership, ‘To Be or Not To Be A Church Member?’, Wayne Mack gives a list of questions to consider for ministry (p.45).  Here are 20 of them you should ask yourself if you are looking for a ministry.

  1. What are three physical needs that I can meet in this church?
  2. What are three spiritual needs that I can meet in this church?
  3. Who can I pray for? What spiritual need can I pray for them about?
  4. What needs are there in the church that I can pray for?
  5. What can I do to help my children or other children understand the Gospel? What do my children need to learn about God and how can I teach them?
  6. With whom could I share the Gospel this week?
  7. What person in my church can I call and encourage this week?
  8. Who can I invite over for dinner for a meal or for fellowship and spiritual enrichment?
  9. Are there new visitors coming to my church to whom I can reach out and make them feel welcome?
  10. Who can I write a note or letter to for spiritual encouragement this week?
  11. What missionary that my church supports should I pray for and perhaps send a letter or gift to this week?
  12. Have I asked the leaders of my church what spiritual gifts they’ve observed in me and what ministry needs I could fulfill?
  13. Have I asked other spiritually mature people what spiritual ministries they think I may be gifted for an in which I should be involved?
  14. What special ministry needs is there in the church that I can fulfill?
  15. Who could I serve by giving a Christian book, booklet or CD of my pastor’s sermon?
  16. Who could I invite to the services of the church?
  17. What needs are there among people in my neighborhood or at my place of employment that I could meet as a representative of my church, especially of Christ?
  18. Are there some people I could serve by making contact with them, not to tell them about myself, but just to befriend them by being willing to listen to them?
  19. How can I help others in my church to love God more? How can I help them to love others more?  How can I help them to pursue good works more?
  20. Am I an example or model for other believers in my speech, conduct, love, faith and purity?

Additionally, Mack has provided a list of service opportunities from his church to demonstrate that there are important ministries for every person in the church if they are willing to accept them (p.47).  Your church probably has a similar list.


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