Clint Archer – 

In many cases Short Term Missions (STM) has become another item on a bucket list, or the unnamed requirement to becoming an “elite Christian”.  Often, it is treated as a mini-vacation, or an excuse to travel to exotic places. Whatever the excuse, it seems that everyone wants to, or is compelled to participate in an STM.

While it is good for people to participate in an STM, it is also critical that it is done correctly.  Clint Archer is someone with extensive STM experience. He worked as the director of STM at Grace Community Church, training and sending over 120 participants to 20 countries annually, as well as hosting teams from England and USA while serving in Africa.  He knows STM, and he has provided the church with a great resource in Holding the Rope: Short-Term Missions, Long-Term Impact.

In it, he illustrates the brilliance of the biblical model, before providing very practical and insightful guidelines for carrying out an effective STM.  He covers all aspects of an STM in-depth, from understanding the purpose, to selecting participants, to selecting a destination and many others.

It would be difficult to improve Dr. Irv Busenitz’s endorsement:

“Built on a thoroughly biblical foundation, it lays out the framework for avoiding the criticisms and pitfalls of misled short-term, cross-cultural ministries. It is a wonderful guidebook for pastors, missions-minded laypeople and, yes, even mission executives.  It is a crucial reminder to keep the focus in every mission endeavor in its rightful place, at the forefront of the local church’s commitment to the Great Commission.  And, keeping its foundation biblical will infuse your church with enthusiasm for spreading the Good News and will promote worship and praise to the One who builds his church.”

I highly recommend this book. It should be read and understood by every member of a STM team before embarking on the next mission. you can Get it here.

Read ‘em & Reap!







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