Thom Rainer – 
church-memberHave you ever caught yourself complaining about, or disgruntled with how your church is doing things?  Do you find yourself grumbling about what other members are doing?  Have you ever thought, “This is my church, I will not allow… (fill in the blank).

Many times, we tend to think of church membership as similar to a country club membership; If I become a member, then I will be given privileges and perks associated with it.  With a country club membership, if you pay the monthly fees, you have access to the facilities, someone will serve you while you relax and enjoy a life of leisure. As Thom Rainer points out in this book, this understanding of membership is what many church members hold.

“This is my church, so you have to play the music the way I want it”

“Look pastor, you need to remember who pays your salary”.

“I’ve been a member of this church for over 30 years, so I have a right to get what I want.”

“I don’t pay good money to this church to listen to sermons that long.” 

The list could take the rest of this page.  Fortunately, Rainer doesn’t allow us to keep that mindset.  The rest of this short book provides a perspective on church membership that should be adopted by every single member.  Each one should be a functioning member. Every member should be unifying, deferring, praying, and teaching their family to be those as well. Church membership is a gift that is to be treasured.

Each chapter of this book has a short study guide and a commitment page. Thoroughly scriptural, intensely practical, easy to read, convicting and short, it is a fitting book to help us understand more about living out the “one anothers”. Get your copy at the Island Brow Bookstore, here.

Read ’em & Reap!


3 thoughts on “I Am A Church Member

  1. I don’t believe in the whole mess that Membership has become. Jesus didn’t have his disciples sign covenants, didn’t bring them up before the elders on charges of transgressing said covenants, and when people didn’t want to follow him, he let them go. Not so with too many modern churches, where if you leave, they’ll pursue you. If you go elsewhere, they’ll spread the word that you’ve got bad character. I don’t want to be a member of such a monstrosity.


    1. I agree that some churches abuse the membership teachings. However, the Church is the ONLY entity that Jesus said He will build. It is also the only place to exercise your spiritual gifts appropriately. Jesus introduced the church in Matthew 18, and it comes into fruition in Acts 2. It is the church for which Christ gave his life and the church which he redeems. The universal Church, which is made up of all believers manifests itself in local assemblies. Are they perfect? By no means. But it is strange to me that people do not want to be part of something for which Jesus gave His life.
      There are good churches out there. I hope you will find one. Blessings!


      1. I find that there is no small amount of doublespeak in Christianity. Sometimes when people say “church” they mean a local one, a part of a specific denomination; otherwise they refer to the whole of Christianity. The movements that abuse membership tend to refer to the former as they don’t believe that all the other not-local churches aren’t as fully saved or fully informed theologically as they are. But so long as many aren’t accepted into various churches – I don’t feel like I ought to consider myself a member. I saw this one pastor of a church brag that LGBTQ members and other various kinds of sinners weren’t allowed into his church. I think he missed the point of what Jesus did.


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