week-in-reviewThroughout the week, I click on things and listen to things and stumble upon things, much like you do.  They get categorized as one of the ‘Many’, one of the ‘Some’ or one of the ‘Few’.  Many of the things are regretful, meaning it was a waste of my time. Some of the things are meh….. so, so…. or whatever.  A few of the things are enjoyable, interesting, beneficial or just plain fun.

Kenny Lamm has an int9reasonsrw-686x350eresting article about why people aren’t singing in Worship. He offers 9 reasons. Do any of them apply to your church?  Which ones?

Canon Fodder has a series of blog posts about how Christians talk. It “is designed to analyze a number of theological phrases or practical bits of Christians wisdom that may simply be wrong, or at least misunderstood. Or maybe both.  It’s titled Taking Back Christianese.  Dr. Kruger is on the 8th installment of this series, “It’s Not My Place to Judge Someone Else“, but all of them are worth checking out.

lotr-ring-J.R.R. Tolkien, the author of The Lord of the Rings books does one thing very
well.  Conversely, we do that one thing poorly. Tim Challies has an article about that thing.

-Are you frantically searching for the will of God for your life?  Ken Fryer has a short devotional about that.  In “Jonah Inside the Word: Doing the Will of God” he explains the will of God is expressly made known in the pages of Scripture.  You can also read the first post of this series here.

-I’ve posted a short article about prayingbrave-dad for sons and daughters here, but Dr Harris of The Master’s Seminary wrote one in November that is worth considering, and more comprehensive when it comes to praying for your children.  Also, Jordan Standridge has a review of John MacArthur’s Brave Dad, where he highlights one of the chapters about what we should teach our children.

-How do you distinguish genuine Christianity from false teaching?  Dan Phillips has an article at pjmedia titled, How to Distinguish Genuine Christianity From False Teaching, where he follows the Apostle Paul’s example of “making a great deal about Christ and His Salvation” in order to recognize what is false.

smartphoneless-Ever wonder what the world would look like if nothing changed except the existence of phones and tablets?  A photographer has edited out our smartphones to show our strange and lonely world.  This article is 3 yrs old. I’m sure it is worse now.  You can see the full collection of images at Eric Pickerskill’s website.


Have a Safe and Joyful Weekend!


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