The Enemy Within

Kris Lundgaard - Christians are in an ongoing battle.  Never does this battle give us a break to relax our guard or take a breather.  It is constant, relentless, and at times overwhelming.  Because of our humanity and living in the aftermath of the Fall, we will never be completely separated from it.  We will … Continue reading The Enemy Within


Anxiety? Rejoice! pt.2

In Philippians 4:4-9, Paul gives 6 principles for dealing with stress.  They are presented as imperative verbs, which means they are commands, not suggestions, not good ideas, not helpful hints. They are more akin to military marching orders!  The first one is "Rejoice" (v.4).  Next is "Let be known" (v.5), then "Be [not] anxious" (v.6), … Continue reading Anxiety? Rejoice! pt.2