Bruce A. Ware

father-son-and-holy-spirit2One of the basic Christian doctrines is that of the Trinity.  Without an understanding and adherence to it, is it possible for one to claim the name of Christ?  Granted, a comprehensive understanding is beyond our finite, limited ability.  But the Bible is clear that all three members of this magnificent Trinity are equal in essence as each possesses fully the identically same, eternal divine nature, yet each is also an eternal and distinct personal expression of the one undivided divine nature.

In this book, Bruce Ware presents this majestic doctrine in terms that are easily understood and immensely practical.  Looking at the relationships, the roles and the relevance of the Trinity, he brings it into much clearer focus.

After two brief chapters discussing the importance of this doctrine and giving a historical overview of its development, Ware then launches into the heart of the book.  In three chapters he discusses each member of the Godhead in terms of His relationship to the other two, His role in the Trinity and the relevance it has to believers today.  Far from being a stuffy, impractical, irrelevant doctrine for Christians in the 21st century, the Trinity is truly one of the most awe-inspiring, majestic, glorious and practical doctrines available to us!

The final chapter is lessons for our lives and ministries from the relationships and roles of the Triune God.  For example, Ware says, “God intends that his very nature – yes, his triune and eternal nature – be expressed in our human relationships.” Also, “The relationships in the Trinity exhibit so beautifully a unity that is not redundancy, and a diversity that is not discord.”

This is a book that no Christian can afford to miss.  Many books have been written trying to explain this complex doctrine, but this one brings it down the practical issues of everyday life.  When finished, the reader will have a much better grasp of this doctrine and a fuller understanding of why it matters.  Ware has taken a complex, confusing, often frustrating doctrine and made it accessible to the layperson! This book is highly recommended without reservation! It is available here.

Read ’em & Reap!


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