William Philip

why-we-prayPrayer is essential to the Christian life, but sometimes is seems hard.  We all know that we should do it more, but when efforts are made to encourage us to do it more, we get discouraged.  Examples of godly men, who seem to be experts at spending large amounts of time in prayer, serve only to highlight the fact that we don’t spend large amounts of time in prayer.

Perhaps the reason for this is that our focus is misplaced.  When we talk about prayer, we are usually talking about when to do it, how to do it, where to do it, or what the content should be.  We focus on prayer itself.  Perhaps we need to change our focus.

In this little book, Pastor William Philip explains his struggle with it.  He has felt the same about prayer – discouragement when being encouraged to pray.  He even admits that preaching and teaching a series on prayer was something he ‘put off’ due to the fact that sermons he had heard on the subject left him discouraged.  He did not want his sermons to have that effect on his people.

In searching for a way to help his congregation, and be encouraging in regards to prayer, he discovered that the focus is, too often, misplaced.  He says, “In looking at what the whole of the Bible teaches about prayer, it reminded me of something very important: that we lean most about prayer by simply learning about God.”

This book is a result of the lessons he prepared for his congregation to teach them about prayer.  By focusing on God while asking the most basic question of all – Why do we pray? – they were able to find great encouragement in their relationship with the Lord and real help in the chief expression of that relationship, which is prayer.

This is not a Christian “how-to” book. Philip examines the very foundation of prayer. As he teaches us the why, we also learn the what and how. It is a refreshing, biblically realistic source of relief and gentle lure to repentance. Get it here.

Read ’em & Reap!


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