Psalm 144:12Let our sons in their youth be as grown up plants, and our daughters as corner pillars fashioned for a palace.

It is safe to assume that all of us pray for our sons and daughters (or grand kids). The question is how do you pray for them?

  • What goals do you have for them?
  • What is the content of your prayers for your children?

o   Salvation?direction

o   Success?

o   Wisdom?

o   Moral character?

o   Godly spouse?

Psalm 144 is a psalm which was written during a time of war.  David sings out to God, acknowledging His great Goodness and Mercy in verses 1-4.  He reaffirmed his confidence in what God had done and asked for even greater things, namely that He would appear against David’s enemies (v5) and give him victory (v7-8).  David then expressed his gratitude by singing a new song (vs 9-10). Then, finally he prays for blessings for those whose God is the Lord (v.12-15).

Verse 12 provides an appropriate prayer request concerning our children. “Let our sons in their youth be as grown up plants, and our daughters as corner pillars fashioned for a palace.”  But first, note the primary requirement is to fear Yahweh (v15).  Those who do not belong to the Lord can have no confidence in such a prayer (or any prayer except one of repentance) being granted.  To pray this prayer for your children, with confidence that God will grant it, you MUST be a believer!

trees-02To pray that God would let our sons be as grown up plants suggests several appropriate images.  First, a grown up plant is firmly rooted.  It has been rooted for a long time and its roots run deep.  It is steady, grounded, and impervious to storms or calamities.  Second, this is not a feeble weed or delicate flower.  We’re talking more along the lines of a mighty oak!  It is mature and strong.  Third, grown up plants grow upward, toward the sun.   As that relates to our sons, we should pray that they would be firmly grounded in the Word of God, steady through trials, mature and strong; Strong intellectually, morally and spiritually.  We should pray that they continually keep their focus on the Son as they grow in the grace of knowledge of Him.


To pray that God would let our daughters be as corner pillars fashioned for a palace suggests some appropriate imagery as well.  First, Corner pillars are the columnsload bearing pillars of a structure. They must be strong, able to bear up under tremendous pressure. In many cases they carry the entire weight of a structure. Second, a corner pillar in a palace was one of extraordinary beauty and intricacy.  An ordinary stone column would never find its place in a palace.  Rather, these pillars were complimentary to the beauty of the palace itself.  Third, they were hand carved with ornate designs by master craftsmen. As this relates to our daughters, we should pray that they would be strong, intellectually, morally and spiritually, yet delicate.  We must pray that God, the Master Craftsman would fashion our young daughters into extraordinary women of grace and beauty; that they would stand strong and steady under the trials of life, yet complimentary to the people in her life.


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