Live from Quest Ranch!

It has been a while since I have posted anything, but here is the latest.  The Long & The Short of it was at Quest Ranch in Canyon Lake, TX.  Have a listen.  Apologies for the sound.  We were out of studio and having mic issues also. We go to Quest Ranch every year with … Continue reading Live from Quest Ranch!


The Judgment of the Apostates

Excuse the sound. We are working on an upgrade.  In the meantime, enjoy this latest episode of The Long and The Short of It.  Kevin and I continue our discussion in the book of Jude and what will become of the apostates who have infiltrated the church. The Long And The Short Episode 8 - … Continue reading The Judgment of the Apostates

Woe to the Apostates

Jude sounds the warning about apostates and describes the path which leads to their destruction.  Using historical examples that his readers would have readily understood, he shows them (and us) not only how to spot an apostate, but how to avoid becoming one, ourselves.  Enjoy this episode of The Long and the Short of it!